How can an effective eNewsletter strategy increase brand awareness and trust?

The significance of brand awareness and client trust cannot be overstated. It represents the initial phase in the marketing process and serves as a fundamental building block for eventually attracting clients to your practice. Brand awareness refers to the recognition and recollection of your practice by others and is crucial for success as it reinforces your brand’s presence in the minds of your ideal client. 

As people become more familiar with your practice, they tend to feel comfortable and confident with it. This makes them more likely to choose your practice over your competitors when faced with a decision on who to book with. 

But how do you do this in an already saturated market and social media world? With an effective eNewsletter strategy. 

Don’t let modern communication methods distract you from the power of email marketing. You may feel pressured to be dancing your life away on TikTok to gain a client following, but this also means you’ll be waiting for followers to find your post in their feed, which can be challenging with algorithms prioritising content from friends and family. 

HubSpot reveals that 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months, and subscriber segmentation is the most effective email marketing campaign strategy. HubSpot also reports that email marketing has an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, and your content is delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox. 

This article will discuss the key benefits of creating and sharing a regular eNewsletter. 

5 ways that a strategic eNewsletter can benefit your practice

By consistently delivering valuable and relevant content to your audience, you can increase your practice’s visibility, nurture your current and lapsed client relationships, build brand loyalty, and position your practice as a trusted source of information. 

Here’s how.

1. eNewsletters nurture your existing customer relationships 

The majority of internet users regularly check their inboxes every day, with nearly a quarter of all emails opened within the first hour of delivery. eNewsletters are a great way to directly communicate and engage with your existing customers. Even better? You own your subscriber list. 

Remember the social media blackout in 2021 where Facebook and Instagram went offline globally? Businesses and influencers around the world suddenly lost complete access to their audience. What didn’t stop, though? Emails.

Marketing professionals often discuss the idea of owned, earned, and paid media channels. For example, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are primarily paid or earned media channels, as they are owned and managed by external parties. Businesses are then required to spend money on advertisements or hope to receive social shares to promote their offerings. 

In comparison, an email mailing list is an asset that belongs solely to you. There is minimal cost involved in promoting to your mailing list, and since email is not controlled by any third party, you have full authority over your marketing activities. 

The key to reaching clients is understanding that they’re not all the same. Therefore, you should segment your customer base and send different emails that target each group. Even though you’ll spend extra time creating emails, this investment will be small in comparison to the loyalty that you’ll build. 

Personalising is a great tactic to encourage someone to open your email. Addressing someone by name not only grabs their attention, but it also demonstrates your respect and interest in them. In fact, studies show when a person hears their name, every region of the brain is activated, priming the person for hearing and remembering whatever information comes next.

2. eNewsletters position you as an expert in your industry

eNewsletters provide a platform to showcase your industry expertise and knowledge. By writing informative pieces on various topics, you can offer valuable insights to your audience while establishing yourself as an expert in the field.

Branding yourself as a thought leader requires a unique approach. People follow thought leaders not only for their wisdom but also for their personal qualities. Building a reputation as a thought leader starts with creating high-quality content that benefits others.

Sharing your expertise in a helpful way not only positions you as an expert but also as someone who is supportive and inspiring. To be considered a thought leader, it’s important to be a leader in your own right and offer fresh perspectives rather than repeating well-known ideas.

QUAY Content Marketing, as an expert in health content, understands the challenges faced by practice owners. Our content marketing strategy is both effective and measurable, ensuring you reach your email marketing goals. We ensure that your eNewsletters are informative and knowledgeable while remaining accessible to your readers.

3. eNewsletters target potential and future customers

Encouraging website visitors and social media followers to subscribe to your eNewsletters is a great way to increase your chances of converting them into clients.

The more you understand about each prospect, the better you can send personalised questions or offers to build trust in your brand and develop a segmented subscriber list. Segmentation refers to grouping your subscribers or prospective clients based on common traits, including inherent ones like demographics or psychographics, and learned behaviours from their interactions with your practice.

By using email segmentation, you can differentiate eNewsletters for prospects and current clients, providing introductory content to prospects and more in-depth information to existing clients.

Even if you don’t get the booking today, you’ll show that you value getting to know this person better, which builds trust in your brand.

4. eNewsletters introduce new offerings and services

eNewsletters allow for targeted communication, as subscribers are already interested in your practice. This makes them more likely to engage with new offerings and services and take advantage of them. 

Maximising the potential of your eNewsletter requires that your emails are attention-grabbing, informative, and visually appealing. Offer your subscribers exclusive benefits or discounts to build their trust and loyalty. Personalising your eNewsletters to your audience is crucial to avoid being marked as spam and to prevent clients from unsubscribing.

These 15 brilliant newsletters examples from Wix demonstrate that the most successful newsletters possess a well-defined goal, combined with captivating design elements and a powerful call to action (CTA). For instance, multivitamin company Ritual uses a cohesive branding design for its eNewsletter, ensuring that it uses the same fonts, colors and logos found on its website.The newsletters encourage their readers to go to Ritual’s social media pages by strategically placing the CTA at the bottom of the email.

5. eNewsletters highlight your brand story

In our current society where everything is moving quickly and we’re heavily reliant on technology and digital devices, human connection is becoming a valuable commodity. Businesses must adapt by building a personal connection with their audience, appealing to their emotions, and creating deeper relationships. 

Branded storytelling is an important component of your content marketing strategy that needs to be incorporated into your eNewsletters. Place emphasis on creating a brand that is reflective, impactful, and authentic. Embed your message in a compelling narrative that transports the audience, simplifies complex information, and elicits an emotional reaction. Use storytelling to showcase your brand’s unique journey, obstacles, accomplishments, and distinct selling points. 

Better yet, transform your brand into a tangible experience for them to participate in. Encourage engagement, initiate conversations, and ask questions. This is what will transform clients who simply purchase your services, into a passionate community that will back your successes, keep up with your journey, demonstrate loyalty, and repeatedly return for more. 

The power of eNewsletters cannot be overlooked. An effective eNewsletter strategy can greatly increase brand awareness and trust, by delivering valuable and relevant content to your audience, direct to their inbox. Email marketing remains a long-standing strategy with a high ROI, without the limitations of algorithms and third parties controlling how your content is received. Investing time and resources in creating an effective eNewsletter strategy will pay off in the long run with increased brand recognition and client trust.

We provide a range of marketing content package options that we can tailor to your practice’s needs. Get in touch with us and we’ll work together to develop a winning content marketing strategy for your practice.


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